Coca-Cola Sells In Every Nation But Two–Which Two?

After a 60-year absence in the country of Myanmar, Coca-Cola, historically the most popular brand name in the world, is returning. This means that in every country in the world, you can always feel a tad at home with a cool, red can of Coke in hand. That is, except for these two countries.

This brief on NPR mentions these two countries, but has you go to the CIA world fact book to figure them out.

I’ll offer the answer right here. First, though, care to venture a guess?

You sure?

Alright. Here we go.

The first country is…..


But people commenting the NPR site said you can, in fact, get Coke there in some stores that only take U.S. currency.

The other country, then, is…

North Korea

I didn’t see anyone comment about this place.

Maybe you find it refreshing to know that you can get Coke anywhere.

Coke in Russia:

Coke in China:

Coke in Japan:

Coke in Kenya:

Coke at a party:


Coke in Madagascar:

Coke in Brazil:

And Coke in Haiti:

Get that lady a Coke! She’s plum out!

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to have a Pepsi.

have an awesome weekend!


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  1. ara

    Actually, I live in Myanmar, and coke has always been available, it just is not made here, and I have been to the DPRK, where coke is available, but again, not made there.

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