Investor Vs. Liberal: A Poignant Daily Show Interview

Last time, I showed you a fella who thought income inequality was a threat to the country. This time, I bring you a guy–Edward Conard–who says the opposite.

Interesting stuff.

The part that got me thinking, “huh, I never thought of it like that” was when he compares us to Europe and Japan, states that our middle class is stronger, and that the reason for such high income disparity in America is because our high is sky high due to the innovators at Apple, Google, Ebay, etc.

Him from an investor’s stand point being interviewed by a man from a liberal one (John Stewart of the Daily Show), it’s a good and honest look at how world views diverge from fundamental points.

The TV episode only aired a snippet of the three part video here. So if you have the time, enjoy the funny, sometimes complicated, and definitely thought-provoking conversation about income generation, wealth distribution, and two different takes on the issue.


What say you?