5 Days To Go

New Plateaus’ first title is being released later this summer!

For those of  you who don’t know, I spent a year living in and traveling around China. I wrote a ton about my time there (many of my articles can be found in the archives of this blog) and when I got home, I started to compile them into a book.

At the bottom of this post is a video explaining it all and showing several pictures and video of the experiences I had.

I’m publishing the eBook and paperback, New Plateaus in China independently. The new eBook creation software I’m using will make an awesome reading experience with video, plenty of great pics, and distribution of the book a cinch.

But paper isn’t free, plus I could use an editor to go over my final manuscript. So I’m using the creative project fund-raising site, Kickstarter, to reach my financial goals. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1241857465/publish-book-new-plateaus-in-china 

I hope you can check it out. There, you’ll see a fuller explanation of the project and, if so moved, how to contribute. There are rewards for giving, too: ) Like copies of the book!

So I’m writing to see if you want to help breathe life into this project, but also just to let you know about this milestone. Most importantly, I want to thank you for the support for reading my blog, commenting, and being a fan of my facebook page: )

you’re awesome,


p.s. When the book gets published, I plan to visit some cities in the region to hold a book release party/book reading/Q & A about my time in China. Four stops I’m planning are Duluth, Bemidji, Fargo, and one in the Twin Cities: ) Hope to see you there!

What say you?