Memorial Day Message: Service

Let’s heighten the message of service to New Plateaus.

Greetings, Readers.

On this Memorial Day, we honor the men and women who have fought and died for their service for America.

In recognizing their service, we may go to a parade or think about Grandpa. These acts of respect are great, but I would urge us not to stop there. We celebrate our soldiers because they gave of themselves for a better place for others to enjoy.

Since we so honor these kinds of acts, what better way to recognize this holiday than by continuing that spirit of service?

Today, let’s give of ourselves to make for a better place for others to enjoy.

No, this doesn’t mean to go enlist. We can do countless deeds. I’m looking out my window right now on this beautiful day and see the chance to help the neighborhood out by mowing a lawn, cleaning up some trash, walking a neighbor’s dog.

Maybe for you it’s baking someone a pie, or writing someone a letter; volunteer at a hospital (hey, how about at a Veteran’s hospital!), visit a relative or friend, or play with some neighborhood kids. You’ll know it’s right if it’s done with other’s enjoyment in mind.  🙂

Imagine a tradition where instead of seeking ways to indulge on this three day weekend, we began an annual reminder that the greatest way to honor those who served isn’t just to pay our respects, but to imitate.

Boy, would this make the holiday even more memorable!

Now it’s time for me to go–yup–mow my neighbor’s yard.  🙂

to new plateaus,



What say you?