The Divisive Creative

On one hand, we all like a creative person. We like their music and art and books and movies. We like their sense of humor and marvel at “how they came up with that” so-and-so invention or idea.

But on another level, we don’t like creative people. My boss at a restaurant didn’t like creative people; he liked people to work within his system. And as shown in this article, primary school teachers don’t prefer their creative students.

And who likes it when some creative smart aleck challenges your side of a political issue or worse yet, your religion or philosophy?

Creative people are divisive because they’ll solve our problems, but at the same time, will pull the rug our from underneath us, leaving us uncertain of how we thought we knew the world. This is scary for anyone.

Creative people move us forward, reveal human’s hesitancy for change, and never let us rest on our laurels. For that reason, they are appreciated; and as the article above posits, it is more these reasons that creative people are feared.

What say you?