New Plateaus’ 1st Book!

After eighteen months of writing about humanity and my experiences abroad, I’ve deemed it time to assemble a book (and an eBook) of my writings while living in China and traveling Asia.

This time proved extraordinarily fruitful with insight regarding: povertywhy are the impoverished poor and the rich, rich?; education—what are colleges in China like?; “Western” vs. “Eastern” additudes—with religion, government, law; love and sex—how should I approach dating in a foreign land where where women and I can’t communicate?

These 11 months also proved extraordinarily fruitful with experiences: interacting with citizens—at a factory, a university, on the street, and in their homes; and also participating—in religious services, emceeing a Chinese New Year’s celebration, in a large parade, at a tai chi school.

All combined, this book is about the themes of humanity that reoccurred during my stay, by way of the places I saw and experiences had, helping me see and understand things in a new way.

New Plateaus in China

Here’s a video preview of the book:

This video also brings forward an opportunity for you to participate in this effort. To read more about this opportunity and the effort itself, click here:

That’s right, I got the book approved for the fund-raising site,! My writing has always been possible by the support from everyone who’s read my articles. This project now allows you to chip in.

Use the above link to keep tabs on the fund-raising and for updates about the project. (As of this writing, we’re about 10% of the way there, three days in.) Or just join my facebook page where I’ll be posting regular updates about the book project in addition to my regular blog posts and other compelling content that helps us reach New Plateaus of understanding:

I’d love to have you on board! Even an independent endeavor such as writing a book doesn’t happen without a community. Knowing that others enjoy my efforts is the reason I keep them up! What’s more, the mission of New Plateaus—to help readers grow in their understanding of humanity—can best (perhaps only) be reached when many are participating.

I’m proud of what this project can be and have directed it based on the help it can be to others. I hope the direction of this project is further encouraged and supported by you: )

taking New Plateaus to new plateaus,


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