My Article About Black Struggle Will Be Featured In This Sunday’s Star Tribune

Last winter I observed the actions and heard the message of Black Lives Matter (pictured above at the Mall of America December 2014). They said we need to work the top of the system to improve the conditions of the inner-city. In response, I asked, “But where are the leaders working the ground level of these communities,…
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Packaging Meals For Hungry People Around The World

On Monday I documented (and helped) students from my school as they volunteered a shift packaging meals for the organization Feed My Starving Children. The nonprofit uses donations to send small, nutrient-rich meal packets to places in the world short on food. Deserving of a longer story, I’ll just offer a few interesting points right now.…
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guest post CDS costa-del-sol-3

A Sunny Visit To The Costa Del Sol In Spain

This week’s reader-contributed story keeps us in the same country as we were last week. But there are two significant differences. Instead of last week’s look at the northern coast, we’re in the other world of the Spain’s southern, Mediterranean coast. And instead of a “Top Five” look at fun cultural differences told from an American…
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not me

To Plan Or Not To Plan

“It is the dichotomy of surrender and pure intention. To get out of the way and let the creation flow is to remove all constraints of what the dance should be and how the dance should act.” -Giselle Mejia They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. They say life is that…
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Hanging out with a mule in Foz

Five Fun Differences Between The US And Spain (from A Minnesotan Millenial)

This week’s reader-contributed story comes in the form of a “Top Five.” Last summer, student Olivia Iverson visited Spain, and she came home with a list of what makes our cultures unique.  *** Five Fun Differences Between the US and Spain Last June I had the opportunity to travel abroad to Spain in an exchange program…
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Inside The Isolate: A Minnesota Man Visits North Korea

Week 3 of reader-contributed travel stories takes us to an unlikely location–perhaps THE unlikeliest.  North Korea:  For this story, I interviewed a man who went there in 2010.  *** A Minnesotan in North Korea Jim likes to travel to places most others wouldn’t. (He’s also been to Iran.) I met the adventurous, middle-aged Caucasian in a coffee shop…
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Heart Attack At 36

A couple of Sundays ago, I drove my friend Summer to deliver a meal to a housebound colleague of hers. “Her husband has become very sick,” Summer said of her coworker as we drove to a home thirty minutes outside Minneapolis. I didn’t ask any details about the health concern but just listened to Summer…
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Arriving In Port-au-Prince (from A Croatian Woman Visiting Haiti)

We continue our series of travel stories sent in from friends and readers of The Periphery. We’re seeing the world through many people’s eyes and giving anyone the chance to share their adventure! This week’s story was sent in from fellow writer Visnja Murgic. Visnja is a Croatian woman living in Canada, who now shares with…
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Getting Down To Brass Tacks

How many of you saw that crazy ending to the Vikings-Seahawks football game on Sunday? For those who did, I’m sure the last thing you want is to be reminded of the pain of that defeat. But for me, the pain is indicative of something. And so it serves as a growing opportunity — one I happened…
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Guest post arlene

A Day Above The Clouds (from A Duluth Woman In Ecuador)

WELCOME to the first of a series of travel stories sent in from friends and readers of The Periphery. For 2016 we’re seeing the world through many people’s eyes and giving anyone the chance to share their adventure! We begin our world tour with Duluth native, and avid traveler, Arlene Anderson who shares a recent experience from…
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