For Father’s Day: Photos Of Fatherhood Around The World

In May we looked at mothers. Now we look at the other side of the coin, the yang to the yin, the rock to the water. The world seems a series of dichotomous complements, and now on Father’s Day we look at the other half of the greatest pairing of all.  As evident in the photos and from…
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Traveling Iran, Part Two: Irrigation, Development, And Health Care

Today we go back to Iran, where Dr. Koo and his extended family took a three-week tour in April. Last week, Dr. Koo shared about his arrival in the capital Tehran and the interactions his group had with the people of Iran. Today Dr. Koo writes about their tour from Kerman to Zanjan by sharing some thoughts on this…
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guest post koo5

Traveling Iran, Part One: The Friendliness Of The People

In April of this year, George Koo along with his siblings and their spouses visited Iran for 17 days. The retired business consultant specializing in international relations with China is no stranger to travel. “By my latest count, I have been to over 80 countries and territories,” he said. But Iran, of course, is different–“a…
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Make Memorial Day A Memorable Day

Think Memorial Day, think military veterans. Think military veterans, think of their service and our gratitude. Think of service and gratitude, think of all the ways we can be helpful; making Memorial Day something more. *** The more I learn about the hardships the Colonial army went through to form the United States of America, the more I…
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guest post andy

Andy Starts A Business In China: His List Of The Good And Bad Of Doing So

Starting a business in China. Hmmm. Can a foreigner even do that? The vast majority of people that do this do so with a Chinese business partner. I went down a different route and formed a partnership with a British company that has been active in China for over ten years. Oh okay. Thanks, Andy. Andy…
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birthday dickson and me

My Birthday At Home Sunday–and Those I’ve Had Abroad

Sunday was my birthday. To Americans, this meant a lit-up face from those who found out and them offering a pat on the back. “Hey! Happy birthday!” they said. Why do we do this? Just ’cause. It’s someone’s birthday, and that’s what we do. But this isn’t what people do everywhere. Travel has offered a…
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Guest Post Andrew China1

Andy Decides To Teach English In China–Doesn’t Leave

Andy Navias is an English bloke. (Really, what other kinds of blokes are there?) I had the pleasure of meeting him when I lived in China from 2010-2011. We taught English at the same school. But while I returned to my home country after a year, Andy stuck around and has now opened his own educational…
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motherhood Mary_Cassatt_004_OBNP2009-Y01462

Reflection And Respect Toward Motherhood

Something I’ve noticed from my travels is how motherhood is perceived differently from region to region. In Tanzania, being a mother largely defines a woman. She is proud to have many children. This clashes with the lifestyles of Western women I also knew there, who said they would receive funny looks from the local women…
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Marking Mother’s Day: Photos Of Motherhood From Around The World

Motherhood is as ubiquitous to human life as is its meaning and impact impossible to overstate. Maybe that’s why it’s as easy to take our mothers and motherhood for granted as it is to express endlessly to them and upon it. Today, I’ll let some pictures do the talking. Following up last week’s post showing photos of Workers…
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Travel, The Enemy Of Bigotry

“It’s hard to hate someone you’ve met. Travel is the enemy of bigotry.” I heard the above quote a couple of years ago when watching a documentary about two Americans–Denis Belliveau (a wedding photographer) and Francis O’Donnell (a former marine)–who set out on an adventure. These “ordinary” men decided to “retrace Marco Polo’s entire 25,000-mile, land-and-sea…
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