Cultural Integration Vs Segregation: How To Move Forward In America

Today we can connect with other cultures and people easier than ever–whether through media, by physically going to other places, or by simply living in diverse places. This exposure helps us learn about each others’ lifestyles, removing the fear of the unknown that can divide us, and encouraging understanding, growth, and peaceful living. Example: If…
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guest post Ayla trek168

Ayla Travels The World, Part 13: Staying At The Florida Weed House

After Ayla’s dad flew back to Norway, Ayla was left alone for the third time on her three-month world excursion. And it didn’t take long on this last solo leg for Ayla to walk into an interesting situation… *** My dad left me at my cousin Kenneth’s house in St. Petersburg, Florida. He and his…
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Hot Springs Faces

Southern Experience #5: Conversations On Spirituality, Connectedness, And Segregation With The People Of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bob the spiritual man shared about an unexplained sighting out in the woods. Tracy the Southern socialite talked about race, class, and her affection toward Bill Clinton. These are just two of several human beings of Hot Springs, Arkansas I spoke with about spirituality, connectectness, and racial segregation.  *** After a morning of diamond mining and an afternoon touring the…
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This is way different than the Walmart I went to in North Dakota!

Ayla Travels The World, Part 12: Road Trip To Florida With Dad

First it was Italy with her mother. Now Ayla road trips the US with her father. There was plenty to take in on the way to Florida. There was plenty to take in while in Florida. Alligators, flying ads, the beach, and funny American place names. It’s Minnesota to Florida through the eyes of our traveling Norwegian!…
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Faces At The Minnesota State Fair

“The Great Minnesota Get-Together” seems to out-do itself each year in gathering folks from all over the region. I was able to spend my Labor Day here and captured these characters kind enough to pose: The Minnesota State Fair, a people-watching hotspot. Thanks for posing, everyone! Come back next year.

Stonearch bridge

Ayla Travels The World, Part 11: A Norwegian Visits Old Family In Minnesota

A Norwegian in Minnesota is about as commonplace as one in North Dakota, which is what we shared last week. And when we say Norwegian, we don’t mean someone named Sorenson whose great great great grandfather sailed the Atlantic in 1872. We mean Norway-born-and-raised Ayla. After visiting family in Minot, North Dakota, Ayla and her boyfriend Peder took…
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Southern Experience #4: The Diamond Mine, Crystals, And Bath Houses Of Hot Springs, Arkansas

After I interviewed “redneck” Bill Jones, I hopped back on Highway 71 and continued southeast to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Had you heard of this city before reading about it here? (Had you even much of an impression of Arkansas at all?) I hadn’t until searching for lodging near the attraction that brought me down here: Crater of…
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Assume Positive Intention

I got involved with a Facebook conversation-turned-argument recently. I know. I should know better. But once in a while I still take the bait. My friend shared a story about man who followed up a first date by texting the woman a long message saying that she was great but too physically large for him.…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 10: Norwegians Visit North Dakota

A Norwegian in North Dakota? That’s nothing new. Ah, but this is Ayla, our young adventuress from Norway who traveled Europe, Africa, and East Asia before arriving to her fourth continent: North America. Specifically, North Dakota, USA. Where else? Ayla has family here and she paid them a visit as part of her three-month globe trot. Today we…
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Ayla Travels The World, Part 9: South Korea

From Beijing to Busan, Ayla went from one Asian city to the next. Same continent, but very distinct settings. Plus, in Busan Ayla excitedly stayed with a fellow Norwegian family! For this reason, Ayla considers her eight days in South Korea as a break from the normal backpacking life she knew throughout the rest of the three…
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